How Smart Metering Works

SmartMatter facilitates remote metering and control of utility consumption. Daily usage is reconciled and credited, and users can easily add funds and top up their smart wallet using a few different methods.

Smart-Metering-as-a-Service (SMaaS)

SmartMatter facilitates remote metering and control of utility consumption. Near real-time consumption is displayed on our innovative Smart Wallet. Consumption is reconciled and credited on a daily basis and users can conveniently "top-up" their Smart Wallet using a few different methods:

  • Top-up with SmartMatter app,
  • EFT via banking app,
  • ATM cash deposit,
  • Cellphone banking (SMS & USSD code)

SmartMatter has the ability to detect and measure complex electricity supply source configurations and bill accordingly (eg. Eskom vs Solar vs Generator). SmartMatter also has the ability to create virtual meter points to measure common usage on a percentage split basis or calculate sanitation as a component of water usage.

Remote Metering & Cloud Computing
End-User Smart Wallet
Remote Bi- Directional Control

Remote Metering

  • Best of its class metering equipment
  • Integrate with existing hardware and  metering platforms

Remote Control Of Consumption

  • Utility metering and billing
  • Ability to suspend utilities until outstanding bills are settled

Consumption on Smart Wallet

  • Near real-time consumption displayed
  • Reconciled and credited daily
  • Top-up wallet from your smart device

How We Do Complicated Metering

Compatible Meters

SmartMatter has existing integration and compatibility with most industry leading meters. We also have the ability to build integration with and supply most industry standard meters. The current suite of compatible hardware includes:

In the event that compatibility with existing meters is not possible or not cost effective we have financing models available to replace existing hardware with industry leading technology.

Hexing - Our preferred meter

SmartMatter is integrated with the Hexing environment which enables us to perform near real-time metering and bill consumptions on a daily basis. The hardware listed below is our preferred metering solution:

  • HXP100Di
  • HXP100Dii
  • HXE310-p
  • HXF300
  • HXEJ200


SmartMatter can read all meters with an IR standard of IEC62056-21. We also have integration with the following hardware providers:

  • Elster
  • Iskra
  • Landis Gyr


SmartMatter is fully integrated with the SensusRF network and can therefore communicate with all Sensus meters that communicate over this network.


SmartMatter has access to probing technology that can read any meter that delivers a pulse output - which is virtually all water meters.

Contact us to find out more about other supported hardware compatibility.

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