Solution Implementation

We follow a systems engineering approach when implementing our solution. See the timeline below for a high level overview of the implementation process.

All identified inefficiencies and challenges will be addressed through the execution of five sub-projects. These sub-projects are addressed on a high level below:

Initial Contact

Initial interaction with the client where insights into the needs are determined

System Mapping

A SmartMatter expert does a site inspection to identify the hardware requirements (electricity, water, communication hardware). These hardware requirements are then documented.

Hardware Configuration

A technical expert commissions the water & electricity meters to ensure remote & near real-time communication with the meters are possible.

Aureus Configuration

We provide the client with a template to list all merchants /service providers details & related products. This info will be imported into Aureus.

Client Onboarding

Administrator accounts for the client's team is created on Aureus. We also provide easy-to-follow instruction guidelines and high contact training sessions.

Tenant Onboarding

With the guidance of SM, the client’s property management team loads tenants onto Aureus. The tenant receives a SMS to prompt them to download the SmartMatter app and complete the onboarding process.

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