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The scalable end-to-end payment solutions for the property industry. We enable you to work smarter
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SmartMatter solves the property industry's biggest management challenges

Technology is a powerful tool for new opportunities. Our solution automates manual and cumbersome processes within the property and utility management space, allowing you more time to focus on growing your property portfolio. We enable clients to increase profit yield, decrease cost recovery risk, enable remote metering and create a convenient payment environment for management and tenants.

Our FinTech solution goes beyond basic property management. We strive to be partners in service delivery that delight end-users and enable clients sustainable, long term growth. Join us to unlock these benefits.

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Decrease Cost Recovery Risk
Profit Yields
Remote Metering & Cloud Computing
Optimise Utility
Resale Margins
Real Time, Accurate
BI Reports
Convenient Payment for Tenants
No-hassle Contract & Utilities Management
Convergent Billing Capabilities
Reduce Operational Cost
Positive landlord-tenant relationships
Scales with your Property Portfolio
Eliminate Cost Allocation Challenges
HOA / Body Corporates
Property Managers
Property Developers
Property Owners & Landlords

Who can benefit?

Whether you are a decision maker, portfolio manager or a visionary, our solution can help you.

Our Solutions & Services

Micro Billing

Automate labour-intensive tasks and eliminate archaic manual processing with Aureus, our platform-as-a-service (PaaS) micro-billing solution for the residential and commercial property markets.
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Smart Metering

SmartMatter facilitates remote metering and control of utility consumption. Daily usage is reconciled and credited, and users can easily add funds and top up their Smart Wallet using a few different methods: Top-up with SmartMatter App, EFT via banking app, ATM cash deposit, Cell phone banking (SMS and USSD code)
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Property Analytics

This is a data-as-a-service and entails the aggregation and presentation of all data collected on site and results in actionable management and operational reports.
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It couldn't be any simpler



Consumers use utilities and housing



SmartMatter track and bills use



Consumers pay their bills via their SM App Wallet

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Our Mobile App For Tenants

The SmartMatter app allows tenants to view their contracts, easily track utility usage and manage payments via the SmartWallet.

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