How Property Analytics Works

This is a data-as-a-service and entails the aggregation and presentation of all data collected on site and results in actionable management and operational reports.

Data-as-a-Service (DaaS)

SmartMatter is continuously working on comprehensive data reports, gathering information on industry trends in the residential and commercial property markets.

We develop bespoke reports to address a clients' specific needs. Through our comprehensive dataset we are able to identify trends and gather actionable intelligence on utility consumptions and spending patterns across the South African property market.

Aggregate All Data (Utilities, Rent, Levies)
Data Hosting In Clockwork Database
Bespoke Business Intelligence Reporting

Aggregation And Presentation Of All Data Collected On Site

  • Utility consumption captured, standardised and integrated
  • Can be moved to the Aureus platform for billing of consumption

Actionable Management And Operational Reports

  • Unlock key insights into the site's utility consumption in near  real time
  • Business Intelligence reports